Q: When will I get my tax bill?

A: Summer tax bills are mailed on the last Friday of June. Winter tax bills are mailed on the last Friday of November.


Q: When are taxes due?

A: Summer taxes are due by September 14th without any additional interest. Beginning September 15th, a 1% per month interest will be added.

Winter taxes are due by February 14th without any additional interest. Beginning February 15th, interest and a 3% penalty will be added.


Q: Where do I pay my taxes?

A: Tax payments may be mailed to the Summit Township Treasurer, deposited in the drop box on the front of the township hall, or paid in person.

Please call 231-845-0023 for office hours or to set up an appointment to pay in person.


Q: Are postmarks accepted as date of payment?

A: Postmarks are not accepted as payment date.


Q: When is the last day you can pay taxes to the Township Treasurer?

A: The Township Treasurer accepts payments until the last day of February. After that, beginning about the middle of March, taxes are payable to the Mason County Treasurer. The Mason County Treasurer can be contacted at 231-843-8411.


Q: What are the responsibilities of the Township Treasurer as far as taxes?

A: The Township Treasurer receives tax payments, answers questions regarding bill payment, and disperses the money from the tax payments to the entities listed on the tax bill. Questions regarding taxable value or state equalized value and concerns regarding how the property is taxed are answered by the Township Assessor.