The Bass Lake Improvement Board (BLIB) was established under Part 309 (Inland Lake Improvements) of Michigan’s Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act in 2006 by a resolution of the Summit Township Board (December 5, 2005) and a vote of the affected property owners in the area of Bass Lake. It was determined at that time that the principal function of the BLIB would be to act to control the growth of aquatic weeds in Bass Lake. The BLIB sets an annual budget for weed control, contracts with weed assessment and control professionals, and determines required taxation for fulfillment of those responsibilities.

In accordance with the act, the Bass Lake Improvement Board includes a lakefront property owner as appointed by the Bass Lake Property Owners Association, two representatives appointed by the Summit Township Board, a representative of the Mason County drain commission, and a county commissioner. The Drain Commissioner also functions as the Board Secretary and Treasurer.

In 2021, the Bass Lake Improvement Board approved a five-year lake improvement program, with a primary focus on the control of invasive plant growth in Bass Lake.

The current Bass Lake Improvement Board is made up of the following members:

Christopher Dunn, Chair Riparian Property Owner
Dan LaMore, Vice-Chair Riparian Property Owner
Rob Allard, Secretary-Treasurer Mason County Drain Commission
Wayne Kelly Summit Township Supervisor
Steven Hull Mason County Commissioner


Meeting Minutes: