Invasive hemlock woolly adelgid has been found in Mason County

Hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA) is an invasive insect native to eastern Asia that sucks sap from eastern hemlock tree branches and can kill a tree in 4 to 10 years if not treated.  HWA can be identified by its white, cottony ovisacs on the undersides of hemlock branches, near the base of the needles. The ovisacs may appear alone or in clusters. Late fall through early spring is the best time to check hemlock trees for the presence of HWA.

Please see the following resources for help with identification, information, and reporting options:

How to report trees infested with HWA:

Note the location of the tree and, if possible, take photos of the infested branch.  To avoid spreading HWA, do not collect sample branches or twigs. Report the find using one of these methods: