Bass Lake Improvement Board – Updated 10/2/2018

Bass Lake Improvement Board

The Bass Lake Improvement Board has been treating Bass Lake for weeds since 2007. The 2016-2020 Improvement Plan represents the third 5-year plan with the goal of improving the utility of the lake to make it much better for boating, fishing and any other water sports for everyone to enjoy. The 524-acre lake is treated under the permit process and restrictions set forth by the State of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Consultant Dr. G. Douglas Pullman provides the expertise in guiding the lake board to treat invasive species while protecting the eco-system of Bass Lake. Aquatic Nuisance Plant Control, INC. serves as the licensed and permitted applicator, working with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to comply with pesticide application requirements. For more information regarding invasive species and conditions of the lake please view the Bass Lake Annual Report below.

If you have questions about the Bass Lake Improvement Board you may call Chairman Jim McKevitt at 708-642-7111 or Mason County Drain Commissioner Jim Riffle who serves as the lake board secretary/treasurer at 231-757-9366. The latest meeting notice as well as a list of board members is also found below:

Board Members are:
Chairman – Jim McKevitt – Summit Township appointee 708-642-7111

  • Dan Lamore – Summit Township appointee
  • Chris Dunn – riparian member
  • Steven Hull – Mason County Commissioner
  • Jim Riffle – Mason County Drain Commissioner 231-757-9366